May 2010

Susan Nurse, Advanced Electrolysis and Laser Hair Removal.

“I purchased two Canada Life long-term disability policies through Jane in 1991 and 1992. Thankfully, I havenít had to use the insurance and happily, as a result of including the 'Return of Premium rider' Iíve collected on both policies twice in the last 20 years. This is tax-free money! Several years ago I purchased critical illness coverage as well with a return of premium rider, which will provide me with a tax-free lump sum if I'm diagnosed with a devastating illness. Those insurance policies provide me with peace of mind. Thank you Jane!”

Joan Elder, Belleville, Ontario

“I am so grateful that I purchased a disability insurance plan from Jane Simpson. When I found myself divorced at 40, unemployed and having to scramble to become self-sufficient, my greatest concern was 'What if I became ill and couldn't support myself?' When Jane approached me about a way to cover this risk, I jumped at the opportunity to get disability insurance. It gave me a great sense of peace. Fortunately, I was able to work for many yeas and establish myself financially. However, when illness did prevent me from working for over a year, I was able to claim on my policy. I was treated very well and with compassion during the whole process. The insurance company made this most difficult time as stress-free as possible and helped me bridge the gap. Thank goodness Jane helped me put that valuable coverage in place!”

Dari Haddon, LLB, Qualified Mediator Ė Mediated Solutions, Castleton, Ontario

“I have known Jane, on both a personal and professional basis, for almost 25 years. At the time we met, I had just a bit of money to invest and Jane was extremely helpful, advising me of the best investment returns available. Over the years, my investments have grown and Jane has continued to advise me of where to put my money, when to move it, about new investment vehicles and of appropriate insurance plans given my needs. At times when I needed to pull cash from my investments, Jane was a wealth of knowledge on when to do it and how much to remove from each portfolio to minimize costs to me.

I have always found Jane to be highly ethical, extremely knowledgeable, endlessly helpful and totally committed to keeping herself updated in her field so as to service her clients effectively. I have total confidence in her ability to manage my finances, knowing she is on top of my portfolio and looking out for my best interests. She is available at any time if I have questions and life changes, which require her knowledgeable assistance.

I have, in the past, invested with other institutions but I have since moved all my investments under Janeís management as I much prefer her hands on, personal approach.

I have recommended Jane to many of my friends because I have total belief in her financial knowledge and in her care and commitment to her clientele.”

Debra Tosh

“Jane is highly skilled and well informed. She understands her clientís needs and helps them make the important decisions that are required. I value her friendship and support as a professional in this community.”

Harley Lockhart, Financial Advisor, Quail Ridge Financial Services, B.C.

“Jane served with me on the Advocis National Chapter Board. She demonstrated commitment and sincerity in her activities. She chaired the Communications Committee for two years. Throughout her career in Financial Services, she has proven to be a dedicated volunteer at both the local and national level.”

Winnifred Voogt, Wellington, Ontario

“Over 25 years ago I went to Jane Simpson for advice about investing my meager savings with an eye to retirement. Due to her expertise and knowledge about a variety of products (with low risk, which was my direction),Jane provided me with a diversified portfolio.

These investments provided high yields in the good years, but also weathered well during the recent economic downturn.

Now in my retirement, I have independence and the finances to live the lifestyle of my choice, as well as the security and knowledge of knowing my assets are secure for as long as I will need them.”

April, 2010

Kathleen Manderville

“I wanted to thank Jane for working closely with me over the years on my investment portfolio. On preparing my income tax return this year I realized my returns on my RIFs were far superior than expected. Congratulations Jane! I would not hesitate to recommend you to others.”


Dear Jane:
“Thank you so much for inviting me to your recent Estate Planning Session. It was most thought provoking and informative. You could see that everyone in the room was rapt and involved. We will talk once I have digested the many aspects of estate planning that were brought up.”

September 2008

Virginia McIntosh, Napanee, Ontario

Thank you for getting me that disability policy years ago. What a relief to know that if I should suffer a disability, I would have the money to replace my income. The fact that if I don't use the coverage, I get back a return of premiums paid is an even added bonus!

August, 2008

Dale Walsh, Belleville, Ontario

“I'm pleased to say that I was Jane's first life insurance client over 25 years ago. She has the experience and clearly cares for her clients. She's a professional in her field and has earned my business and respect.”


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